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I Speaks Good and Runs Intel

This is too good to pass up. It's an interview with Intel VP Pat Gelsinger. Here are some good quotes. If you're a fan of grammar, well, prepare to wince.

Our chips would help Orange could find ways to open up more applications for themselves, a broader set of products, we have Centrino mobile products that are stunningly good.

At this point, in Orange's 3% of the market share, people say they can't innovate when they (Orange) control the hardware or the software.

Today computers largely require humans to fit with them. In the future computers will largely fit with humans. We have to make technology more transparent and visible, useful in more and more places with less and less sophistication.

My observation was that in fact people like Stephen Hawking and the other researchers, are inspired by Star Trek.

Do I get frustrated sometimes that Microsoft isn't doing the right thing in the operating system and I can't get a vendor like game publisher Electronic Arts to take advantage of this cool idea we have in hardware, and then get one of the equipment manufacturers to commit to a timely the product and put lots of marketing dollars behind it. Do we get frustrated about that? You bet we do.

5 Responses to "I Speaks Good and Runs Intel"

  1. Whoa, Grammar: F

    (via NSLog();). A frightening, and unfortunately all too common, example of high-level executives and their inability to form even simple grammatically correct sentences. Intel's Senior VP and CTO Pat Gelsinger [executive bio] knows, "there is nothing ...

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  3. Transmettttta. 🙂

  4. OMG, does this guy that we had PowerPC in portables units years before Centrino? And this little thing called A-i-r-P-o-r-t? LOL watta guy!

  5. Above the trophy case hangs an elvish sword of great antiquity.

    I will run out of Zork quotes eventually. Also, I need to stop skipping a day between reading NetNewsWire posts... I dread to think of...