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QotD: IQ

Question: What is your IQ? Do you feel it's accurate? Do you feel it's the strongest factor in a person's ability to succeed, and if not, what is?

My Answer: 150. My low was a 142, my high a 164 (which I don't quite believe at all). Either way I'm in the top 1% or so. Is it accurate? Yeah. Does it matter? No. I think people can get caught up thinking about things too often. A good IQ provides a solid foundation, but Forrest Gump had a whole lot of luck and a good heart, and look where it took him! 🙂 Seriously, though, there are many things far more important to success than a person's IQ. A person's ability to get along with people is more important.

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5 Responses to "QotD: IQ"

  1. I'm in the top 99% or so.

    While that claim is correct without doubt, the impression remains that it's not exactly what you wanted to say 😉

    percent vs. percentile…

  2. I don't think IQ can be a reflective number to anything related to our brain. You want to put a couple of zillions of neurons into a number (or a quotient, if you will) ? You _can_ however say that what you refer to as "IQ" is just what we refer in every days life to as "intelligence". If thats so, you can talk about the number and its implications, but you still can't say what it actually describes, can you.

    At the age of 13 or so I was forced to do such a "test" because I fell back in school as like many I didn't think it was of particular interest what they showed us there. anyways, the test consisted of a couple of stupid "find the non-fitting shape" and later became more "tricky" with more complicated stuff. I felt it was hard to concentrate on the stupid symbols: How are you supposed to "show" a good test when your brain is barely interested in finding out.

    So, not only do I find a single number cannot express a human, I also think among those numbers it is the propably less important. IF you have to stick to numbers, think about emotional quotients, or Social quotients.

    But what is intelligence anyways? Someone hopw has studied 20yrs of physics propably is pretty stupied - i.e. has become. This person might know hell a lot of physics, but would have to rely on others for the rest of the life.

    I like to think of intelligence (as something desirable) as a measure what you cxan do without knowing. How quickly do you find a problem, locate an error, put sth together, react on things, ... ,,,

    react, learn, remember, associate, combine, visualize, translate, store,

    (In the last class before they decided if you go for the standard classes or to the aka gymnasium, they undertook a test that took like 3 mornings 3 hours each. I remember I became sick of another page full of questions but I think I really had the impression of the entire test, it made more sense. They were not only asking about your private life but also riddles, we had to paint, etc.)

    And I like preview buttons. And your link "tags" as well. consider them ripped *ggg*

  3. Well, the above comment would have been a lot more effective had there not been so many spelling and grammar errors.

  4. 108 tested when I moved to the US in 1995 (age 15). N

  5. 108 tested when I moved to the US in 1995 (age 15). No further comment necessary.