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FTPeel 1.0

ftpeelicon.gifFTPeel 1.0 is out. You can buy it, try it, or learn more about it.

I would like to give a big thumbs up to Nick Zitzmann, who's worked tirelessly on FTPeel the past few months. After I handed over a code base - and a long list of things yet to be done - he began work and is just now completing it. To those who helped with the public betas, also a big thank you.

I don't feel like writing a whole lot, but I am very pleased with this release. It's a 1.0 release, but it's quite fully featured and it only looks to get more stable and powerful in the future. We hate bloat, so we're not just going to add features for bullet points, but we do have some features in the works.

At $19, how can you go wrong? Buy FTPeel, and if you buy it, leave a note here saying you've done so and I'll email you a registration for Booklet.

11 Responses to "FTPeel 1.0"

  1. FTPeel 1.0 Final is Out!

    Erik has posted that FTPeel 1.0 is available for download or purchase!...

  2. Excellent, I've been playing with the demo and I'm really digging the full use of Magic mirrors. I am really happy to see that you guys implemented the non-sending of those stupid .DS_Store files 😀

  3. We just sent your code, Clint. Thanks man, 'preciate it.

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  5. Hey Erik, just purchased my copy of FTPeel, and the download just finished. I've been loving the beta and can't wait to give 1.0 a test!

  6. FTPeel 1.0 released

    This is something I've been using since the first beta became available for download. FTPeel 1.0 is available for download now. I'd recommend paying the $19 license fee -- it's more than worth it. [More updates coming soon. I'm swamped at work. Even th...

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again--the FTPeel icon is one of the best icons ever designed. The Betts Bros. did a great job.

    I haven't tried the program out yet, but I just thought I would make a comment about that amazing icon. Fabulous.

  8. Just picked up my copy of it. Beta testing the product conviced me that $19 was worth it =)

  9. Software Writeup: FTPeel 1.0

    Freshly Squeezed Software released version 1.0 of their FTP client, FTPeel, this past week. This release was the culmination of feedback, bug reports, and feature requests supplied by public beta testers of three public beta releases of the software. I...

  10. I completely agree about the icon. Genius. I'm quite torn between FTPeel and Transmit, but I think FTPeel is just a teeny tiny bit nicer to use, so thumbs up!

  11. Dear Chris,

    I hope its you. This is Mr. Joseph Brigante. I was your teacher at one time. Please let me know who things are going.

    Yours, buddy,

    Mr. Brigante AKA Joseph