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Speaking of Grammar…

My previous post reminded me of a sign I saw outside of the Sam Snead Bar in the Palm Beach International Airport when I was waiting to pick up my mother and grandma last Thursday. The sign, very professionally designed, said something like:

Get Your's Today!

How many people making more than $50,000/year let that one slip through without correction? See if I ever go into a Sam Snead Bar anytime soon.

4 Responses to "Speaking of Grammar…"

  1. The apostrophe: so beautiful, so deadly.

    I've often wondered about a sign I saw at a card yard once, telling me the name of the place was "Elite Auto's"

    Technically it's correct usage, in the sense that "auto's" is an abbreviation of "automobiles" and the apostrophe takes the place of the missing letters, but that doesn't curb my desire to smack seven shades of shit out of 'most every signwriter I meet.

  2. I'm debating whether that's better or worse than when a restaurant advertises "'Fresh' Fish."

  3. I find it interesting that on many international forums I visit, the people who write the worst English are... Americans. "Here" instead of "hear," "sight" instead of "site"... I've never seen non-Americans do this.

  4. I love when they use "me" instead of "I", seem confused about when to put a period and a closed parenthesis together, and how angry they get when I (as a Canadian) use colour, honour, and labour. 🙂

    And don't get me started on socks with sandals! hehe