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Kayak Lessons

Some things I learned tonight on the Apartment Pond as I will now call the pond in the middle of my apartment complex:

  • If you paddle really hard around in a circle, you can catch your own wake (until you tire out).
  • I need scupper plugs for a few of my scuppers.
  • I need a hat without one of those beans on top - carrying 65 lbs on your head is only made tougher when a small chunk of metal is being pushed into your noggin.
  • I could use a paddle snap or a paddle-holding system of some kind.
  • My kayak floats in about 4 inches of water.
  • When a fish jumps out of the water nearby, it can be scary.
  • I love those little paddle drips that form a widening triangle of expanding circles.
  • It's dark, my kayak is dark, and if you wear dark clothing you may as well be invisible. Ask the two people who had sex on their balcony while I sat talking on the phone with my parents not more than 50 yards away.

I bet nobody makes waterproof cases for iPods, do they? Hmmmm…

2 Responses to "Kayak Lessons"

  1. How bout the Otterbox? I've neither used nor seen one in person and it's not clear where the heaphones would go, but you could look into it.

  2. Yeah, that'd be great for transporting an iPod, but not for transporting and playing an iPod. Well, it'd play, but yeah, the headphones… Otter Boxes are tight. Sorry, couldn't resist… 😉