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Seen on a mailing list:

There are better solutions out there. After doing ColdFusion work for over a year now, I would be *seriously* bummed if I had to go back to a working with a wordy scripting language like PHP or VB ASP.

Uh huh, no. Gabe and I once quoted someone a $15,000 job which existed as a CFM crap-ball. We figured it'd cost the client more if we worked with their existing .cfm stuff, and it'd be easier, faster, and more stable (etc. etc.) to redo the site in PHP and MySQL.

I have never, never had the desire to learn or use ColdFusion. Ever. And comparing PHP to ASP is a sin in my book too.

2 Responses to "PHP.cfm"

  1. Word. Me neither.

  2. I've always been curious. But there's something big iron about even the name that repels me. PHP wordy? What does that even mean?