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Two things I learned today:

  1. You can not ship pornographic movies to the state of Florida (and a few other states).
  2. Sex and the City is pornography.

In other words, I attempted to pre-order an entire collection of Sex and the City DVDs and was told by the DVD site (I won't say which) that they couldn't be shipped to me because pornographic materials cannot be shipped to Florida.

Funny, that certainly doesn't stop my monthly Playboy

P.S. Even funnier considering I've heard Tampa is the porn capital of the U.S.

11 Responses to "Pornida"

  1. That's sad - and ridiculous. HBO is importing "porn" right under their noses, via cable television 🙂

  2. You could have it shipped to somewhere else, and then from there to FL (say a friend or someone who's willing to ship it again)

  3. Vinay, I could, but c'mon, how ridiculous is that?

  4. If by Tampa being the porn capital of the U.S. you mean a large quantity of porn is generate there, then it makes sense you can't import it from out of state - you have to protect the local businesses, after all 🙂

  5. The shippers may be spooked by Ashcroft's latest Orwelllian antics . . . .

    U.S. Indicts Porn Sellers, Vowing Extensive Attack

    LA Times -- free registration required

  6. Why would you order Sex and the City? Why?

  7. Not everything one buys is for oneself, Tomas. 🙂

  8. This is surprising, how? Any state that would elect Jeb Bush, run a crooked election for his brother, and totally screws up the Everglades obviously has a slim grasp on reality. My advise to you is to move, now. Come join the 21st century.

  9. Erik: But why would you buy a gift to someone you hate?

  10. a) Hm here we say this is "prüde" which you could translate as "prudery", heh.

    b) Yeah an then they go for the spring breaks, as if THAT was no pronography *lol*

  11. Tampa is the strip-club capital of the US. Also the lightning capital of the US. Not related, but sorta of the useless fact of the day.

    Tampa is also home to "voyeur dorm" that sleeeazy 24 hour video of "college girls" thing. The voyeur dorm folks thru a big stink with the local government when the city officials tried to rezone them as commericial instead of residential.

    Man so much to be proud of my little hometown. blech.