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QotD: Consent

Question: If you could set a national age of consent, what would it be?

My Answer: Though I know far too many people who only half-jokingly say things like "if there's grass in the field, play ball," my answer is a very solid, very firm "18."

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5 Responses to "QotD: Consent"

  1. I agree with this whole heartedly. However, I would also put some constraints on it, like if guy is 18, and girl is 17? I would think that should be okay, all the way up to a difference of 2 (maybe 3) years.

    It disturbs me greatly that there are states where the age of consent is 14 (some with parental consent)

  2. I agree that age difference is the most important thing. 18 and 16 is not that uncommon at all. But thirty and 16? There's something wrong with that. I also don't like that statutory rap is classified the same as "normal" rape. There is a big difference with consensual sex between someone who is in their early twenties with someone under 18 and forcible sex. They should not be forced to register under the sex offender laws.

  3. I think in an ideal situation, the law should be more specific and define a difference in age that is acceptable when you are under 18. However, under the current situation, I think that 16 is an appropriate age.

    I also agree that statutory rape should be a lesser crime than "normal" rape.

  4. My best friend is dating someone the is 27 and she is 17. So I was intrested in what the LAW say it is to date/sexual intercorse a man older than 18 for a girl.

  5. I dont think its right if a 13 year old girl can go out with a 18 or 19 year old but i also think a 16 year old girl can because 16 year olds no more about things then 13 year olds. Thanks For Lissening!!!!