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Bad Boys II

Though it seems that some people think very little of Bad Boys II, I am going to see it for II reasons:

  1. The father of a friend of mine wired the house that explodes (in West Palm Beach, though the movie leads you to believe it's in Miami).
  2. The house through which someone drives a Hummer is located about one mile from where I live. Rather, used to be located one mile from where I live. I saw the filming that day, and I'm interested to see how it looks once it's been scuttled onto the big screen.

So there you have it. I don't have any other reasons for wanting to see the movie. Maybe I'll go watch Bad Boys II and Gigli at the same time. Incidentally, there are exactly two reasons to see Gigli:

  1. Jennifer Lopez is still pretty damn hot.
  2. So you qualify for an "I Survived Gigli" t-shirt.


5 Responses to "Bad Boys II"

  1. Hmm, for someone who has a turt silo hanging down there I guess she's not so hot in my book.

  2. Dude, don't fear the booty.

  3. More specifically, the house that exploded was in Delray Beach, no? Robin and Goozh and Flex said they heard it. Goozh knew the story about how the house was selected for destruction, and I remember that the roads were all blocked off when I rode down there on my bike. Hate to be picky! 🙂

  4. No, the Delray House was the one through which they drove the Hummer. Yes, it was also rigged for explosives - can't just have a wall fall over now can we?

    The explosion was indeed in WPB. An heir to the Coca Cola fortune used to own it until they were burglarized or something.

  5. So is the house completely gone? I have been searching all over for imformation on the Delray Mansion because I want to buy it, but there is nothing on it. If u guys got any info or anything please please help me out ... u can leave ur comments here or u can send me an email at