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Damn Madden

So as I just said not too long ago, I'm picking up a copy of Madden 2004 for my PS2 tomorrow. Only after having laid down the money for the game do I bother to read the reviews, and here's what I find:

Speaking of finances, once the preseason is completed, that's when you're able to dive deep into the ownership part of the game. Here you'll be able to set the prices for everything in your concession stands like BBQ Beef Sandwiches, the Big Tuna Melt, popcorn, pizza, soda, and beer. You can also set the prices of team merchandise like programs, hats, jerseys, bobble heads, and foam fingers. From there you move on to the price of parking, tickets, and even the amount of money you want to spend on radio, television, and billboard advertising in hopes of coaxing additional fans into the stadium. And if the advertising isn't working, you can even throw a special Fan Appreciation Day and give away key chains, hat, souvenir cups, or even arrange for fans to meet the players before the game.

Uhm, perhaps someone can tell me what this has to do with playing football? Does anyone actually give a rat's ass about the price of popcorn? Aren't football games about - uhhh - football?

Grrrrrr… Just more shit I have to navigate past in order to get to the football in the game.

3 Responses to "Damn Madden"

  1. Another reason why Sega/ESPN NFL2K series is by far the best football game out there. Oh yeah, one more thing, time to drop the playstaion and wake up and realize that the xbox is where its at. Xbox Live alone should have told you to make the switch.

  2. Actually the 'Owners' features doesn't add complexity to the nav system. It's just another option next to 'Play Game'. So if you never want to use it, you don't have to. As to why they would have such a feature, there are quite a few football fanatics that want to control every aspect of the game. Of'course, I am bias towards Madden, I work for EA ;-).

  3. Bah, screw the XBox. I liked the Sega series of football games, and may in fact get it as well, but if Madden on my PS2 is how I have to play my friends online, then that's how it will be.