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Effortless Improvement

Etan pointed me at Effortless Improvement, which says:

Effortless Improvement uses subliminal messaging to aid in the cure of excess weight, low self esteem, addiction and much more, while you use your Macintosh.

I'm giving it a go on my Mac right now. So far, though, no nubile Swiss women have appeared at my doorway. What? It doesn't do that? Dammit.

I do wonder what's to stop these people from putting up messages like "George Bush is a nimrod" or "kill kill kill!!!" For that reason alone I think I'm going to pass on this one for now.

2 Responses to "Effortless Improvement"

  1. If you change your background to a very dark solid color, the messages can be seen pretty easily. They're pretty benign.. mostly things like 'Enjoy Life' and 'Run for Fun', depending on what options you've chosen. I'm yet to see a reason to stop using it, and who the hell couldn't use a little positive reinforcement from time to time?

  2. can you add your own affirmations?