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Midnight Club II

Picked up a copy of Midnight Club II tonight for the PS2. You can play it online, and Rob and his nephew already have copies. I'll have to play a little tonight if I can. I pre-ordered Madden 2004 for the PS2 (screw Nintendo - I'd have bought it for the GameCube if I could play it online). I played SOCOM the other day - nice game, but it'd be a great game if only you could use a keyboard and a mouse. Aiming with a control stick is not the way to go. 🙁

One Response to "Midnight Club II"

  1. I've had Midnight Club II for the PS2 for a couple months, almost since it came out. It's an awesome game. Although, I haven't played it online yet. I'm hoping to get the online adapter soon, though. 🙂 You won't regret purchasing it.