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QotD: Country Girls

Question: What country produces the best looking women?

My Answer: The good old United States of America! That, or Colombia. Or Italy. Or Paris. Or Sweden. Spain, maybe?

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53 Responses to "QotD: Country Girls"

  1. Checkoslovakian women always look good. Probably not fair since the only people I've seen from there are models...

  2. Brazil has the best looking people period, no matter the sex. It's just amazing how high their percentage is.

  3. I love that Paris is a country.

  4. >

    Well, in fact, it kind of ISÒ€¦

    French people from other provinces often consider us Parisians as mere strangers, if not as pure enemies.


  5. And don't even get me started on waht Quebecois people thing about parisians. πŸ™‚

    My answear.. Norway, Denmark, and just about all the netherlands.

  6. The best looking girls are from Northern India and the sexiest are from Korea.

  7. Hmmm...interesting question. I think Russian women are verrry sexy, although they're not the most beautiful. I would say that Spanish/Brazilian women are the most beautiful.

  8. I have to say Singapore's Chinese contingent. Every girl I've seen in Singapore has been extremely beautiful AND polite (a rare combination). But, I haven't been around the world yet. πŸ™‚

  9. I have to agree with Jon, Check women seem to always be hot. I'll also add Irish and Scottish women to my list.

  10. A dark-haired Irish lassie for me! πŸ™‚

  11. Brasil, hands down!

  12. I really love girls from the USA, especially ones from Kansas City (that's where my wife is from). Seriously, though. I have no preferences as to a particular region. To me, all women are beautiful. πŸ™‚

  13. Iceland, Sweden and France

  14. I agree Anthony, Iceland/Sweden girls are amazingly sexy. They have that innocence to them...the light blonde hair and plain face. Good call my man.

  15. The most beautiful, are women of Eritrea.....

  16. i think latinos,girls from south america including southern europe are very beautiful but if you ask about the sexiest i'd say northern europe countries like sweden,russia,even the u.k.

  17. The most beautiful, are women of Cyprus and Greece

  18. Bulgarian and Israeli women are the best and the worst are South African women which are bitches

  19. Honestly, paleness doesn't do it for me. Any woman w/ glowing dark skin and hair is a woman to be admired. In that case the most beautiful women i've met are from Africa and India.

    Indian women have the most beautiful eyes.....In terms of africa, Eritrieans have great hair and I think Nigerians have great smiles and hot bodies.

  20. hey there boys...

    what about down under? the girls in australia are not girls to be underrated!

  21. Checkoslovakian girls are amazing, but Canadian babes are also great cause you get a bit of a mix

  22. Wow so many of us have seen every single beautiful girl from every country. Just amazing.Quiet a few countries have beautiful girls. Whatever has the most innocent and striking and healthy girls.Depends on the girl not her ethnicity. EAch person is different. And we can all chose our favs but I've seen beautiful girls from America, and then from Brazil, Germany, Peurta Rico, France. I couldn't necessarily honestly say one is more beautiful. I mean I love the look of blue eyes, but I woudln't give up the beauty of brown eyes i've seen for them. BEauty is very diverse.

  23. I lived and been all over the world from hawaii to Spain, if you want to find the best women in the world check out the Serbian girls, good luck catching one though

  24. If you want to know where the worst girls come from, well thats easy the good old United States, there are many reasons for this, they are fat, they have no individuality, they think they are hot shit, they dont know how to dress, and most importantly they dont know how to make a man happy. = divroce! Who has higher divorce rates than the united states, nobody. Go to europe if your a guy and check out real beauty, if your a girl stay in the States because everyone thinks your dumb sluts and to be honest its true.

  25. i think the best babe are from thailand smooth as silk they easy to hunt and great to care in bed as well in life no sweats ,

  26. Everyone knows the most beautiful women in the world are from Europe. Especially those girls from Bosnia. They are so beautiful,hot, nice, smart,.. Everything you could ask for. And do they know how to dress and sweep you off your feet. They also make great wives, im married with one. Serbian-bosnian women rock!!!

  27. Brazilian women are awfull they expose about 0.00001% of they're women that are models and soap opera actresses. Natural beauty comes from europe except france and england (they jsut look horny!) Portugal has beatifull women

  28. I think european women are the best looking in the world. most of the poppular models are european and their women look fanatstic. Id like to add thet Serbian woman are fanatstic as well as Italian and Polish Offcourse russian too. YOu can not find one thet isnt senssasional.

    Thets all from me for now Ciao!!!


  29. I think that Ethiopian are Eritrean people (women here) are one of the tallest and most beautiful people in the whole world. They were once (at the medieval ages) the tallest and the most beautful people. It was well-observed by travellers at that time and thereafter.

  30. Folks I have been all over the world, and I think there are a lot of misconceptions about European women.

    First, most Spanish girls are NOT HOT. I'm into brunettes and there just are not that many hot girls. Swedish girls are overrated by folks who've never been. French girls think they're hotter than they really are. Same for Dutch girls. English are mostly gross. (worst in Europe)

    Brazillians are alright - but overrated by people who just know what they see on TV. You like the South American look? Try Suriname or Aruba - much better! American girls are too slutty... Italians are alright... Swiss seem too arrogant, also think they're hotter than they really are. Canada (the big cities) is nice because you get every nationality, and often mixed race girls seem to be on average hotter than single race girls.

    So which country has the hottest single-race girls according to me?

    3rd place: Lithuania
    2nd place: Estonia (#1 if you're into blondes)
    1st place: SERBIA

    In my opinion Eastern Europe is home to the hottest women in the world, but seriously these 3 countries are the real hilights.


  31. I have to agree with you there Mike. I dont want to be up myself with these comments i am just being honest and i have to say Serbian girls are the best looking girls on the planet! I am a girl from Serbia and i like what i see and every Serbian girl i meet are god damn hot and most people dont realise how hot Serb girls are. Russians girls are nice to .... but no where near as good as serbian's. Most of us tend to be pretty tall and have sik bodies and we all look a bit mysterious but not as mysterious as some hot arabic chic. i am just saying this coz i live in OZ and everyone raves about AUSSIE girls, which i have to say r the ugliest girls ever!! any chic that are complete caucasion like chics from the US, UK, and AUS!!!!!!! ARE COMPLETELY REVOLTING! Mix it up a litle

  32. Hey !

    Come closer to Asia and watch the beautifl girls from the Himalayan Kingdom, always sweet and cute . Nepalis girls are so traditional and so sweet.

  33. Chinese girls are most feminine, by a pretty good margin.

  34. hey .......... pplz
    dont think this i know this...... serbian chiccs are EVERYTHING!!!! hot smart sexy bodies man nearly 98% of serbs are models !!!!!!!! they are so intresting to talk to ...not all stuck up like all thhe other bitches !! frm like america( dumb blondes) serb chics are hot and not sluty !!!!!!!! and they would make you feel llike your in heaven but on earth!!

  35. THAT IS SO TRUE JANA....... serb chics are perfect like they say god looks after serbs ... hes our father and created us all and with beauty for the woman and brains and everything men need in serbia !!!!!!

  36. I like midget women... ah! the origin doesn't matter, their samll samll size do.

  37. I have to say scandinavians. Norwegians more than Swedes.

    They exercise, have money and know how to dress. British girls are ugly and think they're uberhot.

  38. Hey pals, I think it all depends on what you like. Personally, for instance, I am fond of blue-eyed and green-eyed but dark-haired girls, and I say therefore Estonia, Czech Republic and Scandinavian countries - I am Italian, I was planning to move to Canada but I'm told that there most girls are Asiatics... So I chose Finland... Do you think I am right? Do you think there is any country where girls tend to have green eyes??? (hair does not matter!)

  39. serbian girls are the best!!!! i have tried the rest and i am going back to the best so...american r bitches aussie r sluts most other r similair

  40. dont go with aboriginal girls they lie all the time and take your money off of you beware i speak from experience!!best find any other girl dont waste time with these lying sluts!!

  41. Be honest guys, the most beautiful girls come from.. PORTugal .. of course, because is not only the appearence that matters, the girls are nice, wise, and extremely funny.

  42. Boyz,
    Im 40% Checkoslovakian.
    I get it from my Grandfather, his whole side with a the rest Italian

    I dont have the curly hair that most of them do...
    I only wish...
    Well soo how is everybody?

    Oh and yes I would have to agree also that serbian girls are freaking BEAUTIFUL

  43. The women from Lithuania are the most beautiful in the world! if you've been here than you know what i'm talking about.

  44. Best looking women in the world? I would say first is Russian women, then South American and Scandinavian women. The best looking Asian women are from Korea and Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc.).

  45. Hi there

    I've dated girls from italian, Greek Egyptian, russian Indonesian, Chinese, Thailand, German, American, and they were all great women. I have never dated an Australian girl because I have never found them to have that sparkle but I have recently meet a young woman from Lithuania and she is independent strong beautiful and yet fragile reminds me of my Greek Egyptian girl frend but I meant a Bosnian Serb in Croatia and she was absolutely beautiful in looks and her personality was nice that my vote goes to Lithuania.

  46. The best women in the world are American girls-hand down!They are definitely the most educated, very driven professionally and (unlike European women--I specifically refer to the whores of Bosnia) don't tolerate macho wife-beating, stinky-ass, lazy-ass men who can't even hold a job down for five minutes, and who are fucking their wives friends and relatives. No wonder you poor Bosnian women are so fucking deperate to hook an American man, especially those American men that any normal, well-mannered American girl wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole back in the US! Jeez, you stupid whores do nothing but backstab eachother for a blue passport, and the only skill you have is whining, lying and cheating! About the only good thing you do is spread your legs for the nasty American men that a decent American women wouldn't touch, or be seen with. I guess your skinny ass, greasy hair, cavity-filled nasty mouths, and empty brains are good for something . . . .

  47. was in lithuania recently,visited kaunas ,vilnius and klaipeda,people im in love!!! never in my life saw so many beautiful creatures,surely not in former jugoslavia,girls there are unbelivably are very tall,as our jugoslavian naighbours

  48. Well, there is no one answer to this question. Every country has their own beauty and also "unattractive" ones too.

    But we all are beautiful and God created us all beautiful.

    For me personally i like Indian, Arab (or Jew), Eritrean, and Ethiopian.

    Secondly, Spanish girls are alright..............

    American girls are alright....

  49. Well I have been to nearly 30 countries around the world and what I can say is that Eastern Europe has many fine women. South America also has fine women. In fact almost all the countries I went to have fine women. So I think it is just a matter of finding a good woman.
    This brings me to my conclusion. The best thing you can do if you are an American looking for a good woman is problably stay out of America. From what I have seen over 44 years of life living in America and Abroad is that American women have been ruined by our own society. With over 50% of marriages leading to divorce you have to wonder how it is affecting the children. Let me tell you, it is affecting them in bad ways beyond our comprehension. I'm not saying all Americans, but a large portion of them. Before you hook up with one, you better look at her parents and ask yourself if her family values are you famiy values?
    I'm saying there are good looking women in America, BUT on average they are fatter than most other countries. I'm not being shallow here........the fact that they are fat is not the end all be all, but it's the other areas that would keep me away from American women. Such as, they are way to materialistic, think way to highly of themselves, can't cook, can't clean, need too much attention, usually are first to want a divorce ( 68% of the time, while taking half of what you own, along with your kids), and most importantly, will withold sex as a form of punishment, and as I said earlier, will gain weight after they have the ring. I could go on, but I will stop. The poor women of America will soon find out that they are lagging way behind other countries. I suspect they are already coming to this conclusion. Just read the last post of American Girl, she is quite frustrated as you can see. Many women in America will either have to go lesbo or eventually submit. As for now, they are unwilling because F'd up American society has given them too many opportunities. They think they can do so much better on their own. If American men wake up and ignore them, eventually American women will fall in line. It is just a matter of time.

  50. I read this topic with joy πŸ™‚ ... first of all, dear all... beauty just as stupidity has no nationality or borders... so, i will do... my top bottom "hot girls"...:

    1. hmm... can't decide if russian or american girls are more disgusting, but i think i will go for american... first of all they can't even express themselves, they use sounds, not words. second, as a mark of female emancipation, they are agressive. that's definatelly a turn off considering this agressivity goes with "oh my god!" and "you know" every 3 seconds. to this you can add that they are fake, they smile but don't mean it... i saw somewhere in a reply that they are...educated?!?!?! don't make me laugh :mrgreen: they're just some sort of freaks, full of fakeness, bored with life, pragmatic and cynic... and to all the list, they might be good looking, but i sudgest look from the distance πŸ˜‰

    2. russian girls... i name them all natasha. because they all have the same appearance and style. if u ever find a fascinating one, let me know. they're vulgarity is so disgusting that is almost brilliant! πŸ˜† the shortest skirs, unmatching colours, too many rings, curly doll hair, too much make up, tits up and out, disgusting long nails...and ugly language... is that a turn on?

    3. nothern girls tend to look like some sort of...horses. its far from my concept of feminine hotness.

  51. I've been travelling in almost every continent within last (almost) 10 years and am able to say something, even to give a good full report would take let me say, a year and a half at least πŸ˜†

    1) USA -> hard to define but overall picture was bad. Shallow, too many very overweighted, too many obviously botoxed, siliconed till freaky outlooks (scary really). Normal people upsiders excluded are somehow reasonable but somehow very childlike too. Country in all didn't impress me much

    2) Russia -> I bet depends on area a lot (I mostly visited St.Petersburg and Moscow) but if someone is able to find more made-up, more vulgar, more opportunist and more shallow (not even USA is capable to compete in this with russian women, I can tell) women, please let us all know. It was almost rediculous how women are - amazing and impressive at first sight, can't deny - but closer look made me sick. You can't touch them without being afraight to cut one or two of their fake ceramide nails, without leaving a mark to their massive face mask or maybe get their strongly coloured hair messy no matter that is covered to be approximately bullet prove with a barrel of hairspray.

    Greece -> women there doesn't light my fire at all. Simple too masculine, strong big noses. Nop.. thanks but no thanks 😐

    Spain -> some highlights, mostly neutral dark fatty mass. Nop.

    Italia -> Open minded, warm, mostly feminine. Okay, in one word

    Germany -> Much variation, lot of highlights but a lot of complete grey mass.

    Baltics (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) -> beauties, in mentioned order. Estonians are most friendly no doubt, lithuanian girls okay but too much made up and too much wanna-be's πŸ™„

    I could continue this till eternity but as a result buddies: As far as I have observed, the most beauty girls and women absolutely are to be found from Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland). Most natural, friendly after getting know them a bit, gorgeous bone structure, blondes with blue or green eyes (I'm into blondes btw 😎 )they take good care of themselves (clean and neat), not too much make-up used, sexy, educated and smart, freaking beauties yaaaaaah..... real WOMEN and 'quality' in general is even πŸ˜† ). I am in love πŸ˜† (going to Finland after 3 weeks 😈 )



  53. Denmark hands down. Blonde, light-eyes, sunkissed skin and big tits. What more could you want?