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Kayaking in Jupiter

kayak_map_jupiter.gifJosé and I today went to Jupiter, FL to embark on a kayak adventure. I rented him a kayak - his birthday present a few days after the fact - and we set off at about 11am.

Our route:

  • Start at the JOC (Jupiter Outdoor Center)
  • Travel to the west, north, east, and north again up the Indian River to a sand bar.
  • Hang out at the sand bar and then return to the JOC.
  • Continue past JOC around Burt Reynolds Park, staying to the left side past the spot marked "A1" and then under the bridge to the island marked "SB."
  • Return to the JOC around 3:30pm.

All told, I believe we kayaked about six miles, all at a leisurely pace. We took on some boat wake (and conquered it, of course!), and both got some nasty sunburns. Says Baz Luhrmann, "if I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it."

Needless to say, I'm moving fairly slowly today. Maybe I'll go buy a few gallons of yogurt and bathe in it.

One Response to "Kayaking in Jupiter"

  1. A week after spending five hours on the water and in the Florida sun, my skin is finally starting to blister. I feel like human...