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Bravo for West Wing

I forgot to point out a few days ago that Bravo is showing every episode of West Wing at 11pm every night. Or something like that. Anyway, woo! I'm recording them all, and I'll certainly try to watch them before the TiVo fills up and explodes.

What will happen this year on West Wing? I don't know - I haven't followed it in the off-season. Will Martin Sheen return? How long will John Candy, errr, Goodman be on as the acting president? I don't know, and I sure hope I get to find out.

On a related note, three of my four payments for NFL Sunday Ticket have already been made. I thought I'd opted for the single payment. Oh well, whatever - either way I'll have every one of my Steelers' games this year. Y'know, the year they pick up their fifth Super Bowl trophy.