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QotD: Crash

Question: Have you ever been in a car accident? Caused one?

My Answer: Yes and no. One time, riding in the passenger seat of a pickup truck after grabbing some hockey gear in Erie, we crested a hill and began going downwards towards a red light. I said "red." "Red!" "RED!!!" and the driver swerved to the left through the intersection just as a minivan smacked into the passenger side door, pushing the truck to within a few feet of some power line poles. Nobody was hurt, but it was fairly scary to see a minivan headed towards my door.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Crash"

  1. Twice, and both of them happened near Burbank when I was living there.

    The first time, I was making a left turn while cars in the other direction waiting to turn were blocking my view. A car sped through in the opposite direction & hit me as I was turning.

    The second time I was hit by a drunk driver attempting to pass me as I was in the right lane and he had the rest of the road to himself.

  2. been in a crash? more than once. caused one? yes. and it sucked.

  3. Once. I was trying to get into a parking space (backwards of course) while a woman in a car behind me ignored my turning signals and waited closer than 1m away for me to continue to drive. It was dark and I didn't see that...