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QotD: Hospital

Question: What's the longest stay you've had in a hospital?

My Answer: Overnight, when I had my tonsils removed at age six. My family is typically very healthy. The last stay I had in the hospital was six hours, which is about five hours and forty-five minutes too long to reset a dislocated shoulder. I considered suing.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Hospital"

  1. Few hours at most. When I had my tonsils removed it was probably about 6 hours or so. Went in during the morning and was home early afternoon. The couple times I've torn my knee apart it was only a couple hours in emergency. Luckily nothing more.

    And now thanks to stories like this, I'm going to have to be coughing up blood for a week and not able to stand if someone is going to drag me in. 🙂

  2. Eight days. I went in because I was experiencing severe hyperglycemia. For those that don't know what that means; really HIGH bllod sugar. It was 792 at the time I went into the hospital and was the same time I was dianosed with diabetes. The first two days were in intensive care, the following six were for recooperation and learning to live as a diabetic. I was really to leave after the third day though...