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Today I bought some light tackle to complement the semi-light fishing rod and reels my dad sent down with my mother on her recent visit. You can see it all here:


Lovely, isn't it? The non-lure goodie bag was filled with Berkley Trilene (8 lb and 10 lb test, the 10 in "invisible green"), the pliers/scissors/etc. you see to the right, some swivel clips, and some small split shot.

The lures? Well that was a bit more of an expense. If you label the slots left to right and top to bottom:

  • Two Rebel top-water poppers in black/silver and perch in slot six
  • One Rebel floater/diver crayfish in slot five
  • One Rapala jointed shad rap in blue/silver/orange in slot seven
  • One Yo-Zuri orange/gold/black minnow in slot one
  • One Matzuo orange/gold/green/black minnow with big eyes in slot two (can't be seen)
  • One Rapala suspended rattling minnow in orange/silver/green in slot two
  • One Rapala shad rap in perch in slot three
  • One floating Rapala minnow in silver/black in slot four
  • One sinking Rapala minnow in gold/black in slot four

Needless to say, I have no clue if any of these will work, but we'll give it a go, perhaps Wednesday morning.