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Personal Ads

Sometimes, when I'm bored or relaxing, I like to read the personals on, Yahoo! Personals, eMode Matchmaking, etc. Occasionally you come across a gem like this:

where do i 18 years old 5'2" 105pds very athletic; brown hair green/hasel eyes. i enjoy pritty much anything surfing,or bodyboarding at the beach, working out, running (as long as im not just sitting at home). im very outgoing, witty, sweet, honest, and sometimes my plans are spotainious. i work and go to collage durring the week, and on weekends im a disk jocky (running my own buiesness). when im not working, im at the gym, shopping, or spending time w/ my freinds and family. when im not djing on at the club with my friends dancing my a** off! like i said i enjoy everything as long as im not "cooped" up in my house.

Where do you start? Hmm, maybe in fifth grade English class?

3 Responses to "Personal Ads"

  1. What collage would accept her? 😛

  2. Ha Ha, she probably wears socks with sandals 😛

  3. 5th grade?!?! but she's already in collage! 😉