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A week after spending five hours on the water and in the Florida sun, my skin is finally starting to blister. I feel like human bubble wrap, with lots of tiny little clear bubble blisters all over me. Woo! My new pickup line is gonna be "Hey baby, wanna pop my bubbles?"

José and I tried the kayak on the ocean today. It took in more water than I'd hope - I may have a small leak (typical for most kayaks, and fixable with some Lexel sealant). I should have checked to see how much water really got inside - it could have just sounded like more than there really was.

José is now looking at a kayak. Either the Perception Sundance or the Wilderness Systems Pungo 100/120. I'm trying very hard not to be pushy, but I can say that it'd be awesome if he got a yak too. We'd get out at least once a week for sure.

I'm just sitting here peeling like an Irishman (potatoes… errr… never mind).

One Response to "Bubbles"

  1. I happen to have the same exact problem right now - a little too much sun out on Catalina Island. Oh well ...