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QotD: Injury

Question: Have you ever injured yourself during sex?

My Answer: No. I did, however, once get a bloody nose when a knee unexpectedly smacked into my face. Not pleasant, and were it not for Celine Dion on the ol' CD player*, a quick way to spoil the evening.

* No, I'm not joking. Unfortunately.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Injury"

  1. Injured MYSELF? Well no...but a former girlfriend and I got some rather nasty poison ivy in uncomfortable places because we rolled off the blanket during a woodsy tryst.

  2. Well, I'm staying anonymous on this one...

    I once had one of my testicles travel back up and pop out just near my abdomen. I just pushed it back down (kind of like you push in a hernia, if you've ever had one). Needless to say, we stopped what we were doing and I was a little freaked out.

    Not really an injury, but close enough. I don't think scratches count... 🙂

  3. Just the other week I nearly lost an eye when I unhooked a girl's bra. I was using one hand and had pulled the hooks to one side but they weren't coming out very well. I pulled a little harder and they released and the damn strap came around and hit me right in the face. I'm there, curled up, hands clasped over my face in pain and agony and she's there rolling around, tears coming from her eyes she was laughing so hard...

  4. I've never injured myself during sex, but I imagine that having Celine Dion playing on the stereo would hurt.