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MCI = Fucktards (Cont.)

On May 13 the whole thing started. It continued on through June 26. Hopefully, as promised today, within 14 days I will receive a refund check for $158.89 from MCI.

I estimate that I spent ten hours on the phone since May 13 fighting this issue. I've mailed three letters, sent five faxes, and spoken to every department MCI has (including the janitorial and "executive perks"). However, the satisfaction of finally triumphing (in 14 days, anyway - I'm not counting anything before it's hatched [or cashed]) is worth it. Bah, who am I bullshitting? I shouldn't have had to do all of this in the first place.

One Response to "MCI = Fucktards (Cont.)"

  1. I'm on the phone with MCI again. This is the 48th time I've had to call about my $158.89. The 48th Fucking Time. Why the...