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QotD: Pirating

Question: How much software have you pirated?

My Answer: When I was 18, before I started my e-zine Apple Wizards, I pirated as much as anyone. Oddly, though, it was mostly for "prestige" of sorts - I rarely if ever used any of the software to which I had registration codes. Since then, I've "pirated" exactly one thing: a copy of REALbasic because I couldn't find my registration code and I needed to finish up and "Carbonize" a Sound Set-making piece of freeware I'd released awhile ago for Sound Set Central. Then I trashed the registration. Two days later, I found my original registration (and created a database so I wouldn't lose registrations again).

One of the perks of running Apple Wizards was that I got any software I needed legitimately (and free). Since I've started selling software of my own, I can assure you that I pay for everything, because I'm an honest fellow, I'm no longer a poor college student, and releasing software of your own really puts pirating into perspective.

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