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Lake Ida Fishing

So, I went fishing today. My first day on the kayak, and in fact, my first real time fishing in the state of Florida since I moved here. My totals for the day?

3 - number of bites I had which resulted in about a three-second fight before the fish spit the lure.

2 - number of white crappie I caught (yes, a "crappie" is a kind of fish). How these little suckers thought they could swallow a fish the size of my lure is beyond me. They were 1/4 - 1/2 lb fish.

3 - The number of mystery fish I caught. I say mystery fish because I think they are redbreast sunfish but the world record is only 1lb 12oz and the fish I caught were fairly large - 10-12 inches and 1-2 lbs. My fish had much more pronounced color (a pinkish orange) and much darker "zebra stripes" down the side. I thought they were "orange perch" but there seems to be no such creature.

5 - The number of fish returned to their watery home unharmed. In case you're asleep, 2+3=5. I catch and release.

All told, a great day on the water.

4 Responses to "Lake Ida Fishing"

  1. Do you use barbed or barbless hooks when fishing with catch and release in mind? I find that barbless hooks not only make it easier to release the fish upon catching it (and tend to inflict less damage), but increase the level of difficulty and finesse required in keeping the fish on the hook during the fight.

  2. I bend down the barbs on my hooks. They're triples, so they tend to stick pretty well in the mouth anyway.

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