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Paddles: 240cm vs. 230cm

I've currently got a 240 cm paddle. I previously had a 220 cm paddle, and I'm certain that it was too short, because my hands were hitting the side of my boat when paddling, and I was making an awful lot of noise. Having read this article, I'm considering a 230 cm paddle. I really like my Bending Branches Stealth Dream Carbon Composite paddle, so I'm going to have to try it in a 230 cm version. Anyway, if you're interested in physics, the link above is a pretty simple example of applied physics, and an example of something people rarely think about when they're wasting energy paddling around in arcs.

2 Responses to "Paddles: 240cm vs. 230cm"

  1. The link is broken?

  2. The link was broken (the site it was pointing at did some reorganization), and now I've fixed it. Thank you for pointing it out.