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QotD: Overrated

Question: Who is the most overrated actor? Actress?

My Answer: Ben Affleck is an easy choice. The guy's got one character. Compare him to, I dunno, Sean Penn, who may be one of the most underrated actors, and compare their roles. Actress? Brittany Murphy, perhaps. Julia Roberts is close - she's not as bad an actress, but she's far more highly rated.

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9 Responses to "QotD: Overrated"

  1. Affleck's the bomb. My vote goes to Tom Cruise. He's not THAT great.

  2. Actor? I can't pick between Brad Pitt and Leonardo.

    Actress? There are so many! I guess my first choice is Cameron Diaz. J. Ho would be an obvious one as well but you can't really call her an actress.

    Ofcourse in my universe I don't consider any of the above "real" actors who do quality work. Steve Buscemi is one of my favourites and few people have ever even heard of him! Same with Sandra Oh. It's a sad, mainstream world we live in.

    Note - Sean Penn is underrated as a director as well. (I've finally gotten over the fact that he was once married to Madonna.)

  3. To me the most overated actress of all time is J.Lo. Overated actor hmmm...tough choice, maybe my pick is Colin Farrell.

    I do agree Sean Pean is pretty underrated. He is in my opinion both a talented actor and director.

  4. Er... I don't seem to know Ben Affleck... What movie has he been starred in recently?

  5. All of them.

  6. lol Matthew.

    We had the same feeling here in France, some years ago, about Gérard Depardieu...


  7. well, i wouldn't even call it acting, but definately j.lo. the girl can't do anything but stick to the pretty roles, which don't have range, and if they do, she can't pull it off. any chance of range and all you see is that same damn puppy eyed look, rather than some real tears.

  8. I believe you got the term overrated mixed up..... It applies to an actor being thought better than actually is and Ben Affleck, Cameron Diaz and J.Lo do not apply to this, everybody knows these actors are horrible. Its intresting because the actor you guys seem to put as underrated is sean penn, and I think he is way overrated... his performance in mystic river was horrible in my opinion, and he certainly deserve "Best Actor".

  9. you must be kidding, overrated and sean penn go together, far from being underrated, he is given all sorts of kudos from critics for the most ridiculous roles, he mostly plays surly, cranky, withdrawn . . . that is not much of a range . . . the inteligensia, the literati, rarely know shit from shinola, not even when they step in it
    . . . hell, most of them shine their shoes with it