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Canoe and Kayak

I just sent an email to the editors of Canoe & Kayak magazine:


I'd like to do an article on Paddle Fishing (with a specific bent towards kayak fishing, or "yakfishing" as it's called).

As you can tell from various forums, one of the largest of which is at, "yakfishing" is a growing sport and a great way in which to experience kayaking. Many fisherman who five years ago laughed at kayakers are now selling their boats to buy kayaks and canoes, which are tremendously more environmentally friendly and, of course, right up your alley!

I'd like to write an article on "Yakfishing." I've been editor of various commercial Web sites, been published in magazines like MacAddict, edited my own "e-zine" for three years, and maintain a blog at I'm also new to kayaking and yakfishing, but have at my disposal a few months of research and the new friendships of several "yakfishers."

I look forward to your repsonse. Thanks!

I wonder if they'll go for it. I specifically didn't mention compensation, though I'd do it for free if they wanted. Whenever I join a new community, I try to find a way to make myself "stand out" and to "make connections." Writing an article like this would do just that. I hope they go for it. Frankly, I'm inclined to think they'd be silly if they didn't. Unfortunately, if you go by their TV show on OLN (Outdoor Life Network), their view of kayaking is nearly completely limited to whitewater playboating. Maybe it just makes for better TV. 😐

Maybe I'll email the editors of a fishing magazine later… I've been out of the fishing loop for so long I wouldn't know where to start.