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Fuckwad Customers

Sometimes you wish people wouldn't buy your software, because then you wouldn't have to put up with bullshit like this:

I need this thing sent out today without question. If you cant pick up the phone and call me at an 800 number, I'm going to dispute the charges on the credit card and go with someone who will give me results. I've got my boss breathing down my neck on this and after reviewing different mail extractors on the net, you seem to have been the best one. I can't get a phone call from you? Please call me, it will only take a few minutes.

This is in response to over an hour of both on-the-phone and via-email tech support, almost all of which has not covered problems with our software, but the customer's inability to use Excel or other basic things.

I don't respond well to being threatened, I couldn't care less about his deadline, and for our cut of $59 I'm inclined to just tell him to go screw himself. We provide outstanding support, and to threaten us with a chargeback is ridiculous and childish.

In the end, gee, we'll suck it up and provide great service, as we always do. But dammit, sometimes a single customer can really just put a stain on the whole experience, I tell ya. >:-o

One Response to "Fuckwad Customers"

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