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Uniting Generations

Uniting generations, the MTV Video Music Awards!



No further comments necessary.

P.S. Okay, maybe one, and that comment is "man, wicked camel toe!" 😀

11 Responses to "Uniting Generations"

  1. Every time I think, "I haven't read Erik's blog in a while" I come back and am reminded exactly why. I don't think I'll forget again how publicly disrespectful you are toward women and how bitter you can be toward any person who questions or disagrees with you. But hey, if that's what makes you happy… No further comments necessary.

  2. What's disrespectful about what he's posted here? Is it because he posted a picture of two women kissing? While you may think that is disrespectful, it did in fact happen. And not on some out of the way place. On the national stage at the MTV Video Music Awards. Just because he posts something he considers interesting here and what he posts might be controversial does not mean he's being disrespectful.

    I can see how someone might take offense to his P.S., but really it's a stretch. It's a personal observation, and in my opinion, the only people who can take offense to a comment are the people the comment refers to. If he made a slur against Indians for example, I could (if I chose to) take offense to it. If he made a comment about Jewish people, I shouldn't take offense to it. I may think it bad taste, but the underlying question remains, does he mean the comment in a serious way?

    Of course, you took down your weblog so that none of us can see you're opinions at all. I wear my opinions on my sleeve. If it offends someone, I expect them to 1) tell me. and 2) explain in clear words why I offended them and how I was being disrespectful to them. In your comment, you don't do the more important one of the two. The second part of that allows people to fix things and improve if they see fit. But you make broad generalizations about Erik's posts, and after looking through previous posts, I don't see anything that's offensive, or disrespectful. I don't think he's really bitter either at people who disagree with him.


  3. In light of recent comments, I present to you two pieces of evidence to support my position that camel toes are indeed funny stuff:Rate My...

  4. What makes this post disrespectful and what's he who's he being bitter to? You sound pretty resentful. All he was doing is commenting on another lame ass publicity stunt by Madonna. If anything was disrespectful it was her attempt at being controversial. Like Mahr said last night, lesbian kisses are no longer risque unless your show ratings are slipping or album sales are down.

    PS To comment on what Erik actually posted. I was disappointed when I finally saw the kiss. After everything I heard about it on the radio and TV yesterday morning, I was expecting something at least as good as SMG's kiss in Cruel Intentions.

  5. It was both Erik's PS and his overall tone that offended me. The fact that he commented on the kiss is certainly not a problem; it has been all over the news lately, and I think that was the women's intention. Brad, how was Madonna's attempt at publicity disrespectful? And how was Erik's post at all about your point? His post only communicated, "Hey guys here's an instant replay of hot lesbian action with a comment about Christina's crotch!" And Vinay, oh wise one, I am "the people the comment refers to" in that it refers to women, or at least the shape of a particular part of women. Beyond that, Erik put these photos up for ogling purposes only — they serve no other purpose than that. A picture of women making out and a comment about one of the women's crotches… And that's not degrading?

    The "bitter" comment was referring to Erik's disputes with the Adelphia people, the Airborne people, and various customers he so _respectfully_ calls "fucktards". The world doesn't revolve around you, Erik, and the people you meet in this world aren't here just to make you happy. When a computer system tells them that you have not paid your bill or have not signed for a package, even if the computer is wrong, they're going to call you… They aren't "fucktards" for simply doing their jobs. And when you work in retail, it is your job to make compromises and work with customers — not talk shit about them on your personal web site.

    I may seem rather young to give someone seven years my senior this kind of lecture, and I wouldn't have had I not been provoked to do so, but I think you have a lot of work to do before you will have an honest argument against what I said in my comment. I'm sorry.

  6. Jamie, oh young Jamie, Camel toes are funny. You're not the final arbiter on what's funny. I'm not either, but then again, it's my blog. The pictures were put up not for ogling, but because I think it's a lame publicity stunt and I wished to comment on that. The title, "Uniting Generations," sarcastically gives that away. The customer didn't buy a retail product. He bought a product from a Web site. He bought a product and then expected a service we do not provide, then threatened us rudely. That makes him a jerk. If you think "the customer is always right" then you've got a lot of experience yet to gain. And had you bothered to read, you'd see that we went above and beyond the call of duty with that particular customer. Sure Adelphia can call me, but once a minute for over 45 minutes? No. That makes them pricks. There is no such mention of Airborne on my blog. You're making things up. You weren't provoked in any way, shape, or form. A lot of work? Actually, that was relatively easy. The facts speak for themselves, young Jamie.

    I could nitpick some more, but I'll end this comment with a note about how you're demonstrating some ignorance with your "hot lesbian action" comment. Nobody with half a brain considers this "lesbian action. " These are (for all we know) perfectly straight women doing nothing more than trying (desperately) to give their careers a kick in the butt with a lame publicity stunt. That is what this post is about; not whatever bullshit you wish to turn it into.

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  8. I'm a bit late here but I have a minor addition. I live very near to Erik (Boynton) and am also blessed with Adelphia.

    They are indeed fucktards.

    Thank you,


  9. Ooh. I've never heard the term "camel-toes" before. You learn something new every day 🙂

  10. In response to Jamie's comment:

    I think Jamie is overreacting. It would seem that she doesn't understand the humor in the entire spectacle, on top of the lameness of using it as a publicity stunt. This kind of thing has happened every year at the VMAs, and if memory serves correctly, it started with Madonna humping the floor in a wedding dress singing "Like a Virgin".

  11. Britney Spears has stirred up quite a bit of muck, lately. First she makes out with Madonna, then she poses like this (see images at...