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QotD: Bad Words

Question: What is the worst word you can think of for a body part (male or female)?

My Answer: I've never really liked the four-letter "c" word (as it pertains to a woman's sensitive region). In fact, it's my least favorite word.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Bad Words"

  1. I'm really not a fan of the word "tits" for some reason. Sounds too white-trashy, like something I'd hear at Hooters. I hate Hooters.

    Strange, a good friend of mine is horrified by the "c" word as well.

  2. I don't really mind any words in particular. Although, I try to avoid using words which could be found offensive.

  3. I actually somewhat like the "c" word but not really for anatomy, I guess. But the "p" word (for female anatomy) is worse to me. I guess because it's crude and yet comical at the same time, in a sad way.

    Um, and the real reason for posting was… OH MY GOD, I KNEW I KNEW YOUR NAME!

    Yeah. That's frickin' weird. (Yeah, I'm still out here, just busier.)

  4. Amy, I did MacOp for awhile. But you probably remember my name from Apple Wizards. That was a far bigger enterprise.

    I edited your post to make the URL you gave into an <a href>.

  5. Well there was a letter on that page I linked to written by a certain Amy, to you... that was the OHMYGOD part. Small world!

  6. Ah, yes, that part too. 🙂