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Do You Suffer From a Small Penis?

Sometimes I utterly and completely fail to understand how anyone opens spam, let alone responds to them. They ask you questions like "do you suffer from a small penis?" or "are you having trouble pleasing your wife?" "Overweight? We can help!" "Need a date?" "In Financial Trouble?" "Want bigger breasts?"

WHO opens this crap? Seriously? Ugh.

8 Responses to "Do You Suffer From a Small Penis?"

  1. Someone needs to speak up for the tiny-penised travelling homeowners with interests in holistic medicine.

  2. my penis is small. i want to make it biger

  3. i want my penis biger and stronger so please give me a information about this i will be very greathful. please please pleas just briefly information.

  4. has anyone here had successful results with medication / treatments? please let me know.

  5. hi! i've never have a sex and iam going to married this summer,but thing i got small penis 4.75 inch. iam very scared don't satisfed my partner!please i need helps.

  6. my boyfriend has a small penis and he just can't hold an erection for long we are not sexual active yet but it worrys me and it makes his self asteam low help pleasex

  7. Have small penis. Just head shows when flaccid. One girl called it a "knob". Also, have to take meds for an anxiety condition which creates drug-related erectile problems. If I wasn't circumcized my penis would be hidden inside folds of skin & it would be tough to pee or get it out. Don't masturbate anymore because of erection problems. Wish I could find attractive woman who would prefer man who is overweight with small penis.

  8. i have small penis specially when it's flaccid but it be strong when it pee or get out it be 14centemeter. ispite of that i feel worry a bout married please advice me. and i'll be greatful fo u.