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QotD: Gay

Question: What percentage of your acquaintances are gay or bisexual?

My Answer: I think that about 5% may be gay, and I'm positive that about 7% are gay. So, I'll say about 10% of the people I know are gay. Of my "friends," a word I reserve for about ten people in my life, one is bisexual.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Gay"

  1. Probably about 70-80%. I'm gay myself and I spend most of my time in Wilton Manors.

  2. I can't remember the exact source (isn't it always that way?) but I remember reading in a study done by some GLBT groups that about 10% of the population was of some sexual orientation other than traditional heterosexual. So your estimate probably makes very good sense. Unless you are banding together with people for specific activities, like meat-marketing, sex, or support groups, then its likely that your friends will be about 10% non-heterosexual (though many may not be very open about it, or even fully acknowledge it themselves).

  3. I'm thinking zero, but there are always those that haven't fully acknowledged it yet. What does that mean exactly? I thought people knew at or before puberty.

  4. It's a fact that 9% of the population is gay.

    9% of the population is lesbian.

    And 5% of the population is bi-sexual !

    You most likely know your gay before puberty, but you can't understand those feelings yet.