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Xounds 2.0

I see that Xounds 2.0 is out. I was a big fan of the Interface sounds in Mac OS 9, and I used Xounds for awhile on X, but since removing all "haxies" I've got increased application stability and a tweak faster speed of operation. The only third-party stuff that shows up in my System Preferences is my PowerMate control panel, Synergy's control panel, and TinkerTool.

2 Responses to "Xounds 2.0"

  1. Why even keep TinkerTool on the system? Much of its functionality was removed with the advent of 10.2, and I don't think there's been an update since the release that corresponded with said OS update.

  2. For a couple of reasons:Use transparent icons for hidden applications.Scroll arrows "Together at both ends."So, as you can see, a couple of reasons. 🙂