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QotD: Porn

Question: How much porn do you own?

My Answer: Owning and watching are two different things. In college, porn was almost like currency - having it meant you could trade it for a CD you wanted to borrow - all sorts of things. As such, I've got about 3 DVDs worth of porn. Where those DVDs are is another matter - packed up somewhere I'm sure. Porn that's readily accessible? Just some naked shots of a girl I know from the Playboy site.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Porn"

  1. QOTD: How much porn do you own?

    NSLog has a recurring “question of the day” topic, which I normally pretty much ignore. Yesterday’s, though, was “How much porn do you own?”.

    Seeing as how I’m about to move again, this has been on my mind recently.

  2. QOTD: Porn

    How much porn do you own? Own? Almost none. The only porn I have is two issues of Playboy, and those are because my friend Brooke was in them. So they've been signed by her. And really, they're in storage somewhere. I never felt like I needed porn. [Or...

  3. tons, but my wife does not know. I watch in private.

  4. I do now Motherf@#%$!%!@