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QotD: Pete Rose

Question: Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame? Should Shoeless Joe Jackson?

My Answer: Yes. Yes. If you need an explanation, then I doubt that any explanation will make any sense to you. 😛

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8 Responses to "QotD: Pete Rose"

  1. Hell no and probably not. Rose flat out knew he was breaking rule number one that is on the wall of every club house. You break the rules, you live with the consequence. Leting him in will set the precedent that as long as people like you, you can get away with flaunting the rules.

    While I believe that Shoeless Joe was naive and that it was a set in stone rule then, he should have known that throwing games while betting on them wasn't the correct thing to do.

  2. I don't like Pete Rose. But he didn't bet as a player, and he should be let in as a player. Re: Shoeless Joe, nobody ever proved that he took any money or threw any game(s). In fact, he had a great series.

  3. I don't know as much about Shoeless Joe as I should (I was quite young when I saw Eight Men Out), so I'm going to take a pass on that portion of the question, but I absolutely believe Pete Rose should not be in the Hall of Fame.

    Two reasons for this. First, he bet on games while he held a field-level position. I feel their should be Zero Tolerance for this type of infraction if you are on the field.

    Second, Rose signed off on a lifetime ban from baseball. If he was truly innocent, he shouldn't have agreed to the ban. If he didn't know what the ban entailed (bannishment from the HOF, etc), he should have found out. I've always believed that it's your own responsibility to know what your signing.

    Do I always know the full extent of what I'm signing? Probably not. But I do know if I get screwed by something I signed without investigating, it's my own damn fault.

  4. pete rose should be in the hall of fame, its how you play the game not your reputation

  5. Pete should be in the HOF. He played extremely good ball and was amazing at everything on the field. You can't keep him out the HOF. True, he did know the rules and still chose to break them by betting; for that he should be punished by never being allowed to manage or coach in the Majors, but his skills were unbelievable. Let him into Cooperstown!

  6. What the hell is wrong with you Pete Rose lovers?

    Have you no standards? Have you no pride?

    Doesn't it bother you, at all, that this scumbag spent 14 years lying to you. And now, he is STILL LYING about placing bets from the clubhouse.

    I recommend that Pete's cheerleaders go get a life, because Rose ain't gonna make it to the HoF during this lifetime. And that's a FACT!

  7. A lot of you who are against Pete Rose have not done your research. Yes, Pete Rose bet on baseball, breaking rule 21. Yes, he bet on his own team, the Reds, while he was managing them. However, over the course of the 52 bets he placed on the team, they were all for his team to win. He never threw games to make money. Also, when Pete signed the contract stating his ineligibility from baseball it did not include the Hall of Fame. It wasnt until the following year that ineligible players were also banned from the Hall. Pete Rose hands down deserves to be in the HOF.

  8. John Down, the man hired to investigate Pete Rose was required to provide 3 sources for any evidence found of Pete's gambling. Down found evidence that Pete in fact bet against his team,the Reds, but only had 2 sources confirming so.

    This is an issue of protecting the integrity of the game. Even though Pete has admitted to gambling (after lying for 15 years)this doesn't mean he's simply off the hook. Furthermore, the man waited until after he wrote and sold his book to come clean. His money mentality has corrupted the game enough.