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About a Boy

I watched About a Boy today. What rubbish! It was funny early on, when Will talked about visiting FART or whatever organization that was just to shag the single "mums," but then it took a decidedly crappy turn and ended up as some lame feel-good (or feel-asleep-out-of-boredom) movie with lots of ugly people (save, of course, for Rachel Weisz, who had a small role). Ugh. Who liked this movie? Oh, I know who now - someone who likes every movie. Lot of good that kind of outlook gets you. Or, more specifically, gets your friends.

6 Responses to "About a Boy"

  1. The book was much better - the ending in the movie was ridiculous and I don't know where the screenwriter got that idea! (The movie also downplayed a huge part of the story, the friendship between Marcus and Ellie.)

  2. I thought the movie was great. I especially liked the soundtrack, being a big Badly Drawn Boy fan, but I thought the movie was funny, warm and quite enjoyable. I suppose it also helps to be a big Nick Hornby fan and a big Anglophile (I am both).

    I've definitely seen a lot of negative reaction to it among people I know, though, so you're certainly not alone. Different strokes, I guess...

  3. Like Yvonne said. Book good. Movie bad.

  4. I loved it - The Book was even better - Perhaps you have to be British. Have you seen High Fidelity? Did you like that? Must all movies have "Beautiful" people in them?

  5. I liked High Fidelity. All movies must not have beautiful people, no, but if a movie is going to suck it should at least have one hottie in it. 🙂

  6. This book was so bad that i think i will kill myself. the movie was just bader, maybe the worst i have ever seen.. jjeeesus.. how can 'they make such things?? where do they get they ideas from? Watch: lord of the rings instead. that is a book and a movie, but this can be described as RUBBISH!!!! Score: 1/10