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QotD: Alert

Question: For the Mac users out there, what is your alert sound?

My Answer: Mine is currently "Tink" and has been for over a year. Perhaps I'll change it today, but "Tink" has always been a favorite. It's short and therefore not very annoying.

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15 Responses to "QotD: Alert"

  1. Sosumi. As far as I can tell, it is the only original alert sound still in OS X (I forget if simple beep is still there).

    I used to use Quack, until they removed it in 8.1 (or 8.6, I forget).

  2. Sosumi, of course!!

  3. Pop... I had sosumi for a while until one day after playing my music for a bit heard a very loud and annoying "BEEEPP". Pop is quick and quiet, even when my volume level is at it's fullest.

  4. I'm using that white screen flash and no sound. I'm more the visual guy 🙂

  5. QOTD: Alert

    For the Mac users out there, what is your alert sound? Um, I actually don't know. Let me check. I have it set to "Glass". The real reason I don't know is not because I don't ever do anything wrong (if only), but because I have visual flash turned on...

  6. I use Purr... Not as annoying as the Sosumi I used in the past, imho.

  7. I was on Purr, but also used Sosumi. Today I'm changing to a classic: the elusive Wild Eep, who, if not for those who still love and pamper it, would certainly be extinct :).

  8. good question - I used purr. now I tested all the others again and decided for pop. cool.

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  10. Question of the Day: Alert

    For the Mac users out there, what is your alert sound? Pre-Mac OS 9, I always used Sosumi (as did so many others, I think). With the advent of Mac OS 9, I switched to Submarine because I liked how...

  11. I switched to Bottle about a month ago after Funk developed an weird buzz undertone that rebooting didn't fix. Bottle is muted enough not to bother my wife when she's in the same room, tho' I may switch to Pop so I don't miss alerts as often when my iBook volume iBook is lower.

  12. Would it be possible to post these sounds? I use a XP at work and keep earphones plugged in because most of the noises are annoying. I'd like to hear what Mac OS has.

    (At home I use FreeBSD which doesn't make any noises at all (so I can play my Ogg Vorbis files in peace)).

  13. Funk

  14. I use basso for the moment...

  15. Dooh.wav