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Beating a Cub

People like this deserve the same treatment they've given to their victims - in this case a black bear - every day for the rest of their lives:

"I was never mean to the bear. There was a couple of times I wanted to hit him over the head with a pipe or something but I didn't do that," Mr. Ryan said.

What the fuck? Is that person mentally retarded? Or just a major asshat? And only a $2000 fine!?!? What?!?! Thanks to OGL for the link.

One Response to "Beating a Cub"

  1. What pisses me off about this story is that the Wildlife Protection people didn't drop him back to the spot where he was abducted in the best possible attempt to return him to his family.

    Instead they stranded a young cub in the wilderness, alone, without the training to survive.