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QotD: Quitting

Question: Have you ever quit a job by simply not showing up the next work day?

My Answer: Yes, I have. Then, two days later, I called and asked them if they were handling my two-week vacation properly in payroll. 🙂

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5 Responses to "QotD: Quitting"

  1. I've done that several times... And I've also just walked out in the middle of the day. And called and quit 5 minutes before my shift started...

  2. More or less. I worked for IBM (ViaVoice division as a Mac programmer) for 3 days before I quit. I really hated my manager, who expected us to work 50-60 hours a week & wanted me to cancel a trip I already had planned before I started working there while he came in late & left early every day.

    The sad part is I had worked with him before at a different company and I knew how obnoxious he was.

    On the last day I walked in and found that my badge STILL didn't work, so instead of calling someone to let me in, I told the receptionist to take my stinkin' badge and I walked out.

  3. I've been able to encite an entire crew quitting once. At a Blockbuster Video "team" meeting once, I decided I would quit--they were assholes, and I could go on about that one, but I won't.

    I entered the meeting telling my co-workers that I would quit by the end of it, and after my manager discussed sales techniques, I raised my hand and put in my notice. So did the rest of the non-managerial employee base. It felt good.

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    Erik asks, Have you ever quit a job by simply not showing up the next work day? Yep, twice. In both cases after only one day on the job. Guess I'm a pretty good judge of a bad job. Now in both cases I already had a full time job and I'm talking about a...

  5. yeah, I did that once. I was working as a programmer at a small startup company which had big financial problems as well as a CEO who was micromanaging the place too death and making crazy promises to customers.. (They were also breaking the law by not having any disability insurance for the employees, but that's another story.) I had told them I was going to stop working there in about a month (because I was going back to school) but I ended up just walking out one day a month before that because I couldn't handle the idiocy anymore. I left my pager on my desk, checked all my code into CVS, and headed out the door. I think I went back in a few days later to pick up my paycheck, or maybe they mailed it to me, I don't remember.

    If I remember correctly, one of our non-tech people had left the week before, and I think most of the other programmers left during the following week or two as well.