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QotD: Britney

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Britney Spears' talent?

My Answer: Six, maybe seven. She's got more talent than most people, giving her a minimum of a five or so, but not nearly as much as true "artists." A lot of her "talent" is in looking good (and in fact this question is inspired by comments on yesterday's entry). Still, she can sing fairly well, she holds her own as a simple actress, and she dances pretty well. Is she an "artist?" Nah.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Britney"

  1. 1. I'd actually rate her a 0 if it went that low. She's a talentless airhed bimbo.

  2. Looks: 9

    Artistic Talent: 2

  3. QOTD: Britney

    Question: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Britney Spears' talent? I'd do her...

  4. I don't think the question is specific enough. She seems to be a pretty talented dancer... or at least a moderately talented and very hardworking one, which comes out to about the same thing.

    Talent as a singer? Nonexistent. She sings as well as your mom does in the church choir. She sings as well as a random person that you choose off the street. Listening to Britney Spears' voice in a song is like watching computer animation that's based on motion capture; even if the final result is impressive, the person in the motion-capture suit doesn't get the credit.

    When she first started becoming popular, I was dumbfounded by how transparent it was... slick but utterly empty, marketing passed off as art. I know that happens all the time, but this was truly terrible. Her voice was so bad at this point, the producers mixed her voice way down and the background singers' way up. Now they do a better job of cleaning up her voice, but it sounds overproduced if you pay attention. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that she isn't particularly adept at carrying a tune. Anything can be cleaned up.

  5. I'm not sure her looks can be categorized as a talent. I do think she is very attractive, but she also has a large entourage of people who do nothing but work on her appearance, just like any other pop diva. It can be said that it takes effort and knowledge to keep that figure, but there's nothing about her looks that she's doing alone. Yet, her personal trainers or dieticians never get more than an overall "thanks to everyone" at an awards show.

  6. Looks? 8.

    Talent? 0.

  7. Anyone rating Britney lower than a 4 in talent has their head up their ass. She hasn't got as much as some people, but in dance and other things, she'd toast your asses any day of the week, and those of more than most people.

    She's not great at everything, but c'mon, can I dance like that? Can you? No sir.

  8. While her songs don't really say anything important, they are kinda catchy songs that I can listen to in the background. It takes a certain amount of talent for me not to turn around the turn off the radio or change the station because the song is a horrid piece of crap.

    However, when I see her video on MTV, I'm not really paying any attention to the music unless her arse is swaying along to it. 🙂

  9. Of course she has talent... And, I as a professional dancer and proficient musician born into a family of professional musicians, have the background to make this statement.

    She has talent in three core areas.... I'll list them in order of proficiency.

    1. stage presence and performance talent - she's got "it"... when one sees her on stage whether its in her 1st grade ballet recital or on MTV, she is compelling. none of the rest of her talents would be shit without this one. its "stage presence" which has made her the biggest star on the planet.

    2. dance - she has a gift for movement and a talent for contemporary jazz and hip hop dance. she's strong at what she does, but she's definitely not on my list of most talented dancers. its a talent for movement, but not a great dance talent in the tradition of martha graham or merce cunningham. i've never seen her do a triple pirouette into an axle turn or a grande jete, so i'm not sure how skilled she is at traditional ballet or jazz. i'm not even sure that she could handle the intermediate level jazz at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. Nonetheless, she's talented at the Vegas style jazz that she does on stage and at certain types of hip hop.

    3. singing - this is her weakest talent, but it is a talent. how many of this weblog's readers can sing an entire song, a capella, without going off key? a small percentage, i guarantee it. i'm not really making a case for her signing talent very well here.. but she can sing on key, in public, with a moderate level of vocal quality. its a very tiny amount of talent, but when you look at the whole britney package it counts as talent.

    overall... britney's got about a 7.5 on the scale of talent. most of this score is due to stage presence because without stage presence, singing and dancing are a waste. i know a ton of talented dancers and singers that are as compelling as wet paint on stage.

  10. this post is directed to those defending Britney as talented...first off, to the questions can i dance and sing as well as she can?Do I wish I had her looks?...only in my nightmares...I am a part-time model and pro-singer who has studied ballet and voice for years...I can belt out anything from Heart to Ella Fitzgerald to Sarah McLachlan...Britney may have fame, but talent she does not have...Lets start with her voice-she has a limmited range, no power,vavering and unable to sustain notes, with little control of what meager vocal ability she posesses. She would probably not make it past the first round in a small-town karaoke contest. Most people can carry a tune to some degree, and that's all she can do at best.As for dancing, my 6-year-old niece learned her steps in a matter of months. Her "dancing" is basicly standard moves that any reasonably in-shape person could easily master, and about as creative and difficult as the average exercise-class.She has no charisma and nothing interesting or intelligent to say.As for her looks, if that can even be included in the category of talent at all, she is an average-looking girl who works very hard to look good. She is attractive in a "McDonalds" kind of way, by wich I mean that there are no huge flaws in her appearance, but there is nothing beautiful or special about her either.Her face is okay, her hair is overprocessed and looks tortured, and her body is the result of working out and dressing to flatter her average framed build of average height. that about covers, on a 1-10 scale, there are 2 answers...compared to everyone in general? she rates a solid 5 ...compared to other pro entertainers? ...she rates about a 2.

  11. Britney is a real hero to me and friends