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José and I went to the Bumfucking Bay or Dumbfoundling Bay or whatever it was called. We saw nothing like what the self-appointed Captain Jimbo described. This man gives absolutely horrible directions and has no sense of distance. In other words, we're not really very sure whether we fished in the same place. "Huge Bay" to him looked to be a rather small bay - if we even found the right place - to us.

José caught a snapper on a live shrimp (we think as he was retrieving it to move to another spot). It had two little teeth on its bottom jaw. This was - I believe - after he lost both the anchor and a radio. I tried using my radio to say "here fishy fishy fishy" but they didn't seem to hear me. The loss of an anchor and a radio are small things, though, and while José feels badly about them, he really shouldn't.

At the end of the day, as dusk settled upon us, we found two tennis balls floating in "the huge bay you can't miss." We decided to play a game whereby you "scored" for hitting the opponent's kayak with the tennis ball. Of course, missing gave your opponent the tennis ball for a shot at your boat, and I think I hit José near the nuts at one point, but that's all well and good. He's already reared an offspring, after all. 🙂 The funniest moment of the evening came when José, reaching for a ball, nearly fell out of his kayak. He was broadside to me, and all I could see as his kayak tipped was the bottom of his boat, a hand reaching over the side, and the top of head. José's Tarpon 120's secondary stability saved his sorry ass or most of the other stuff he had on board would have probably joined the anchor and the radio.

So, was it a successful day? Let's see:

  • We didn't have to work.
  • We didn't have to put up with anyone but ourselves.
  • We wet a line or two.
  • We got in some exercise.

Seems like a pretty good day to me! And it was.

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  1. Your a fucking asshole.....

  2. And you can't spell "you're" properly. Grow some balls and leave a name next time, eh?