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Great tip!

cat /usr/share/calendar/* | grep `date +"%m/%d"`

I've added that to my .tcshrc file. Good stuff. FWIW, my birthday is a pretty damn boring day:

[10:51pm iacas@Gaia:~] % cat /usr/share/calendar/* | grep '03/23'
03/23*  Maundy Thursday (3 days before Easter)
03/23   Pakistan Day in Pakistan

9 Responses to "/usr/share/calendar/*"

  1. No joke, today is my friggin birthday as well. I rocked it out last night so ampretty whipped today. peace

  2. Yeah, but as you can see, my birthday is March 23. 🙂

  3. Another tip! You can save 260k of useless data on your disk with

    sudo rm -rf /usr/share/calendar/*


  4. i must still be drunk! my bad

  5. Beat this one:

    "03/13 "Striptease" introduced, Paris, 1894"


  6. Why not use the calendar(1) util? 🙂

    calendar -f /usr/share/calendar/calendar.all

  7. In Panther this should be:

    cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.* | grep `date +"%m/%d"

    unless you really want to read the calendar in german, russian, or french...

  8. On This Day

    Erik Barzeski’s blog has some discussion of how to use the calendar tool to print out timely holidays and historical events....

  9. "12/13 Apollo 17 leaves the moon, with "last" men to walk on moon aboard, 1972"

    1972 happens to be the right year 😉