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Copy-Protected CDs

I too like to buy CDs, and as Jeff points out, copy-protected CDs punish the people the record industry should be rewarding - the people who buy CDs!

Furthermore, the whole idea behind these copy controlled discs is absolutely absurd to begin with. With this method you are actually punishing those who are willing to buy your product! Unless they think they can get rid of all copies of the music on P2P services, it wont work. Those who wont buy the album will still download it - copy protecting CDs isn't stopping it. The only thing copy protecting CDs does is it makes your customers really angry.

I've bought several CDs in the past few months - but I'll never buy a copy-protected CD. I'm not a pirate, and I don't give my music away either. How about lowering the prices of non-copy-protected CDs and enticing more people to own the music they listen to? Nah, instead they throw this bullshit out there.

2 Responses to "Copy-Protected CDs"

  1. Same case here. In fact I have rant about it on my blog a while ago.

    I for one stop buying CDs if I see a copy-controlled label on it. Most of them are from EMI.

  2. Yes, it seems that EMI is making a big push with them.