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Good Clients

title_fish2.gifIt's really great when you can find a "cool client" now and then. Mike Uleski of is one of them.

About a month ago I contacted Mike about doing a site for him in exchange for a guided fishing trip every now and then. In other words, we'd each trade our services. It's been awhile since I put up a cute little site. P&P is such a site.

What makes a good client? Mike was quick to respond, liked my suggestions and had good ones of his own, and got me the content I needed quickly. That's all I ask. He didn't harp, and frankly, he didn't have to because we were both working at a pretty good (though still quite relaxed) clip to get the site done.

I'm proud of the little site. It's not the biggest or baddest in the world, but I think it represents Mike pretty darn well, and I'm glad that he has a "real" home on the Web instead of his former Geocities page. Now, about those trips… 🙂