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This looks awesome:

SideTrack is a replacement driver for the trackpad (touchpad) found on Apple PowerBooks. It brings many of the trackpad scrolling features found on Windows laptops to MacOS X. Most Windows laptops implement trackpad scrolling using drivers made by Synaptics. Although Apple PowerBooks also use custom Synaptics trackpads, the standard Apple driver uses none of the special Synaptics features.

SideTrack supports these features:
* Vertical scrolling at left or right edge of pad.
* Horizontal scrolling at top or bottom edge of pad.
* Map hardware button to left or right click.
* Map trackpad taps to no action, left click, left click drag (with or without drag lock), or right click.

I don't use my PowerBook too much, given its role as a test dummy, but I may just install this on the thing for the heck of it. Very nice.

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  2. SideTrack

    SideTrack, from Raging Menace, is driver software that enables Mac trackpads to accept a variety of "gestures," similar to those standard on Windows trackpads, strikes me as emminently useful. I'm contemplating trying the beta out, but I'll certainly k...

  3. I have that thing installed on my powerbook. I like it a lot.