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menssom-s.jpgPerhaps the citizens of the United States are not the laziest in the world. Take what I display here as a lovely counter-argument. Heck, order one for yourself at this site for only 35,800 yen. How much does that cost in US Dollars? Etan wants to know. My guess is that it'd be cheaper to hire someone to do this for you. 😛

On a completely unrelated note, did you know that today was the autumnal equinox? Yes, indeed, today there are equal parts night and day. To get through the day, I recommend equal parts scotch and soda. I think we should get the equinoxes off from work as national holidays. Like they would in Europe, home of the two-hour siesta "lunch break" and other nice things. It's ok, though, my weekend starts tomorrow. I'm ready for it!

4 Responses to "Lazy"

  1. At current exchange rates, is works out at around $317.37.

    The Yen is getting stronger of late so you are taking a big

    hit on that compared to what you could have gotten it for

    last week.

    And yes, having someone do it for you is much cheaper

    even if you choose hotel delivery as opposed to home

    delivery. Prices for that start from about JPY 10,000 or

    so for a 90 minute course. At least according to the fliers

    I get in my mailbox every other day or so.

    On the other hand (so to speak) this thing would pay

    for itself after a few tosses and wouldn't have the risk

    of STDs. But it would be a bit embarrassing to explain.

  2. OMG...I couldn't figure out what the hell it was until I scrolled down the page! Cheaper yet, do it yourself!

  3. In A Word, Huh?

    I speak of this odd contraption. I know the Japanese are known for their endless refining of currently available technology, but perhaps trying to redesign the male hand is going a bit too far. I mean, will anyone actually purchase this thing? I guess ...

  4. Funny you should mention these two things in the same post. Here in Japan it is a national holiday.