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Season Premieres

Ed and The West Wing premiered this evening. I didn't like either. Ed - what are they going to do now that Ed and Carol are together? The whole damn show was about how they were meant to be together but couldn't be. Now (next week) they're throwing potato chip bags at each other and finding out what each others annoying habits are? C'mon! The show could tank. And The West Wing - yes, it's a drama, but I like the show for one reason above all others: the fast-paced humor. The season premiere had exactly none of that.

Maybe I just had a bad day, or maybe I expected too much. Maybe I should watch Friends to try to bolster my confidence in season premieres. Ha, yeah, like that'd do it. Yawwwwn.

Any other Ed or West Wing fans out there have a different opinion? Or the same one put in better words? Please share.

3 Responses to "Season Premieres"

  1. I thought Ed was funny last night. Mind you, I have only seen the show twice in my life before, but last night's premiere made me wants to tune in next week. I do think they are moving too fast by having them move in together already.

    As for West Wing, I refuse to watch that show solely for the fact that it beat 24 in the Emmys 🙂

  2. I only lasted through the first 15 minutes of Ed. ;(

  3. The West Wing did lack the humor and wit normally associated with it, but you have to remember: Zoey Bartlett is missing, and the President enacted the 25th. It will pick up again once this fiasco is over. Oh, and I loved it. I had been waiting months for this premier and the Sunday premier of "Alias".