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MT Pro

Where oh where is MovableType Pro? Announced February 13, the thing has yet to materialize. TypePad is off and running.

6 Responses to "MT Pro"

  1. Seriously. I've been waiting for this! And now that I've been waiting, I want a lot of features out of it!

  2. Isn't TypePad what they called MovableType Pro?

  3. No. They've said before (I can't find it in the 30 seconds that I looked) that TypePad doesn't mean that MT Pro won't be developed.

    But I want more news about it.

  4. Yeah, I've been getting antsy too.

  5. MT Pro News

    As some of you may remember, MT Pro was originally scheduled to be released sometime in Summer 2003. When the...

  6. Anil says it's coming soon so I'll believe him.