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I Have Seen The Enemy

delldigitaljukebox.jpgI have seen the enemy, and man is he ugly. I'm used to Wintellian ripoffs being ugly, clunky, cumbersome, and non-intuitive, but this one has catapulted itself to the top of the "worst of the worst" list.

"The question is, how much and how far Dell can go with it?" says Dell President Kevin Rollins. "How many new products can Dell add to its portfolio? Where does it end? We think there's a somewhat limitless number of products and services we could get into."

A friend of mine joked:

Soon they'll have their own OS: "Deldows."

Where can I get a Dell electric toothbrush with Bluetooth? Ah, never mind that, I'm still trying to figure out what "somewhat limitless" means. Either way, Dell's potential to continue developing ugly, clunky, cumbersome, and non-intuitive ripoffs is… how should I put it… "somewhat infinite."

14 Responses to "I Have Seen The Enemy"

  1. Somewhat Infinite

    On Dell and its crappy Apple rip-offs.

  2. Jesus that's an ugly device. Funny design flaw noted at 2lmc:

    And, unlike the iPod, note all that clutter on the front. Digital Juxebox? What, you're going to forget what it is?

  3. President Kevin Rollins? I think Henry Rollins would be more likely, but then his design would be in blood-spattered black no doubt.

    Also, for "how much and how far Dell can go with it" to work properly as a sentence, both "how much" and "how far" should fit with the sentence's terminus, "Dell can go with it." So, tell me Mr Rollins, "how much Dell can go with it?"

  4. Damn, Dell has really gone down the crapper. Their designs are simply horrible.

  5. Un-Dell-veloped...

    Found this by way of this earlier today, and I had to laugh. As an owner of an iPod, I follow this stuff rather closely, because it seems that no matter how hard these other companies try, they just can't

  6. Don't forget about the software interface. I like how it's exactly the same as the iPod's, but the battery is on the opposite side. By the way, here's a giant picture of the Dell.

  7. Can't DELL (or any of the big PC Makers) as one of the biggest computer company in the world, come out with anything innovative other that to be a copy-cat. I guess most of the Wintel makers are just "pirates". They have been copying Apple since the 80's and claiming it's their innovation.

  8. Originallity is still a virtue, right?

    Dell's new music announcements and the new chrome Apple logo in recent build's of their new OS, Panther.

  9. In dutch we actually have the word 'del' it has the same pronunciation as Dell and means slut. And a cheap one at that. Surprisingly Dell has not changed their name for the Dutch market. Maybe it's not worth it or maybe it's true. 😉

    But the truth is more likely to be that it doesn't really matter.

  10. Ketchup links

    Dell's FugliPod... Still wondering how a computer company can take in billions of dollars in annual revenue and only divert about 50 cents worth of it into industrial design. Savages.

  11. Oh my God!

    It's like the Russians had designed it back in the 1960's.

    It's like a beautiful woman with make-up that has been applied by a three-year-old.

    It's a Swamp-Donkey, a Hose-Beast, it's just plain fugly!

    Stick to what you're 'good' at Michael Dell, pimping for Bill Gates's God-awful OS with cheap, horrid PCs.

  12. Hmmm.... nice! You'd have thought at least the buttons that indicate forward/backward/play-pause could have been made so they didn't need icons.

  13. Not to say other jobs don't, but to be a designer is a very hard work.

  14. People always say that to be creative, you need to think out of the box, but I never knew there was a box in the first place.