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QotD: First Computer

Question: What was your first computer?

My Answer: An Apple ][e that my mom brought home from school. I was about, oh, two years old or so.

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13 Responses to "QotD: First Computer"

  1. Radio Shack Color Computer

    4k of RAM, no Program Paks, June of 1981. All I could do was type in the BASIC programs from the manual.

    That was a fun way to learn BASIC.

  2. First Computer

    From nslog(): Question: What was your first computer? My Answer: My parents bought a Packard Bell 486 SX 33 running...

  3. QOTD: First Computer

    What was your first computer? Wow. I probably don't remember very clearly, but it's probably a Mac SE. I feel like there was an older one, but I don't remember. It was about the same time that we got a 8086 "latptop" as well. It was big and bulky, and...

  4. My First Computer

    Responding to a question on NSLog();, my first computer was an Epson Apex. It was 10MHz 8088 with dual floppies. It came with a matching dot matrix printer and 15" monitor. Eventually we upgraded to a 40MB HDD. Also to...

  5. NSLog QotD: What was your first computer?

    Ooh, this one is easy: The original Macintosh. Man, that thing was great. I was about five or six years old, and I can remember booting it from a floppy that had a system folder AND five of my favorite...

  6. Commodore 64 on Christmas Day, 1981. It didn't have the 5 1/4" disk drive at the time, but it did come with a snappy little cassette deck that would load up 'Frogger' in only thirty minutes!

  7. Question of the Day: First Computer

    What was your first computer? An Atari 400. Ah...remember those? The baby brother of the Atari 800. My mother gave it to my father as a Christmas present in 1979 or 1980. I spent many an hour planted in front...

  8. Apple II GS I was 5.

  9. Never as good as the first time

    My first computer was a Powerbook 150. I got it second-hand from the internet’s own giant swap-meet, eBay. I can’t recall what I paid for it, but I knew it was cheaper than that little machine was priced from Apple....

  10. Radio shack TRS-80, monochromatic screen, ran basic, even had an extra 4k of ram that came in a grey plastic block bigger than most modern laptops. It also had 5 1/4" floppy drives that one could sort of daisy chain togethor if you wanted to save or load any software.

  11. 286 with CGA monitor. I had used Apple IIs at school, but the 286 was the first one at home. Running windows on that thing was painful. Played a lot of QBASIC snakes on there.

    - Scott

  12. Mine was also a //e that my Dad bought after I attended Comp-U-Camp in Kenosha Wisconsin. And also learned to type 50wpm. I was 15.

  13. My family had the old apple iie since as long as I can remember. It was just a part of growing up. We also got a Mac Classic somewhere along the way.